Radio podcast

Good morning and thanks for joining me on Double M 98.5. I’m Claudia Czerwinski and this is your 9 o’clock update. Westmead Hospital employees are devastated after it was announced parking rates for all fulltime employees will increase by 35 dollars per week. The news comes after the government announced last week that parking rates [...]

Writing Analysis Task One

The selected story is the violent arrest that resulted in an officer being assaulted in Merrylands on 20 March last. The two online news sites used for comparison are the Daily Telegraph (“Telegraph”) and Yahoo 7 News (“Yahoo”). There are significant differences between the two sites’ use of photographs and video footage. Writers of the [...]

Asylum seekers and refugees receiving help from their GOOD NEIGHBOURS

THE GOOD NEIGHBOUR is an innovative project that supports the settlement journey of refugees and asylum seekers into their new lives here in Sydney. Ms Yade founded The Good Neighbour last year and hopes the organisation will expand across NSW in the near future. “I always had the idea in the back of my head to ease the [...]

PETITION TO FIGHT FOR ANIMAL JUSTICE AT PARKLEA MARKETS SUCCEEDS Watch the video for full story Families and friends are encouraged to visit Parklea Markets to strike up a bargain. But have Trevor and Sue's Pet Supplies bitten off more than they can chew? The new management of Parklea Markets has introduced a policy that bans the selling of cats and dogs on its [...]