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Good morning and thanks for joining me on Double M 98.5. I’m Claudia Czerwinski and this is your 9 o’clock update.

Westmead Hospital employees are devastated after it was announced parking rates for all fulltime employees will increase by 35 dollars per week. The news comes after the government announced last week that parking rates for relatives and carers of inpatients will be capped to 20 dollars per week. Grazyna Proskien, a dental assistant, says she already struggles to pay weekly rent and groceries for her family of 5.

“It’s going to be really difficult. It’s going to be very high price to pay for the parking and it’s going to be very hard to budget now.”

 The employee unions say they are investigating the price rise.

Amnesty International hosted its “Community is Everything” annual event yesterday. The organisation advocated to stop the overrepresentation of young Indigenous people in the justice system. Amnesty says it is critical to have these events to raise awareness of Indigenous rights.

Blacktown Council is holding a candlelight vigil tomorrow night to mourn the death of Harjit Kaur, who was allegedly killed by her husband last week. Blacktown mayor Stephen Bali says it is important that victims and their families receive local support. If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence call the helpline on 1800 737 732.


The rain isn’t doing us any favours on the roads today. Inbound there are delays at James Ruse drive due to an accident earlier this morning. The cars have been cleared but the traffic is still slow moving. Stuck on what to do in this rainy weather? Take the kids to Strike Bowling! All games are half price. Terms and conditions apply. Head to Strike Bowling for more details.

Showers across the city today with a possibility of a thunderstorm later this evening. A top of 22 degrees in the city and 24 in the west. That’s your news and weather up to date on Double M 98.5.

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