Writing Analysis Task Two

BBC World News

1.0 Introduction

BBC World News is an internationally recognised UK news provider that reports on major news, events and analysis of the global continents. The website is accessible at http://www.bbc.com/news/world. The website is user friendly through the adaption of the home screen into different forms to adapt to the user’s device, including PC, tablet and smartphone. Claudia Czerwinski reports on the strengths and weaknesses of the above mentioned website of the BBC World News. The report is based on the BBC World News PC format. The report is divided into three sections, beginning with strengths, weaknesses and overall summary of the author’s opinion.

2.0 Strengths

2.1 Layout and format of the website
The home page appears to be user-friendly through its simple and cohesive drop down menu options which have been categorised into logical order, such as ‘sport’, ‘weather’, ‘shop’ and ‘travel’.

2.2 Global news
An arguably major advantage of the BBC World News over other media outlets is its coverage of global news. This may be largely due to the BBC network’s highly recognisable ‘brand’.

2.3 Selection of news stories
(The author notes this section should be read in conjunction with section 3.2). BBC World News Readers are able to catch up on all the latest major news around the world with ease.

3.0 Weaknesses

3.1 Lack of ‘local’ events
A weakness of BBC is the often sweeping news of each continent. In other words, only a selected few major news stories from each continent are featured on the website as headlines. This is arguably a two-fold strength and weakness, as the news provider is designed to be a guide for internationally significant news of the day. Loyal readers may  access the site with an arguable presumption that local events and lower ranked stories are generally not published. For example, a reader located in Australia may generally rely on “in house” newspapers and magazines to attain knowledge of precise events in each state, territory and local neighbourhood.

3.2 Information “overload”?
The right hand side of the website is sometimes slightly overbearing with information. The column is often jam-packed with sponsorships, ‘clickbait’ ads and video links to encourage the audience to explore other areas of the website.

4.0 Summary of opinion

Broadly speaking BBC is a fantastic avenue for its audience to navigate at a glance major world breaking coverage and stories. The homepage of the website could be described as a ‘highlight reel’ of all the latest news and events worldwide. Although the website does not include news per each state of countries

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